We will provide to clients

Interested in setting up your own IPTV/OTT platform?

SSCS provides high quality re-broadcasting services to TV channels and IPTV providers. Our IPTV downlink services include downlink of your content from satellite then transcode that signals into the required format for re-distributed over the internet domain to any device anywhere around the world.

Our presence in the major London datacentres combined with our global network partners allows us to physically interconnect with any IPTV operator via fibre, copper or facility line.

If a dedicated interconnection is not required then we can provide any push or pull stream as a secure contribution feed, over the Internet to any CDN or IPTV ingest point.

Along with 24/7 monitoring we can also provide you with in depth analysis of your viewership. We can monetize your content through subscriptions, add insertion's etc to help you generate more revenue.


By the year 2018 it is anticipated that there will be over 900 million tablets world-wide, giving the broadcaster the ability to reach a truly global audience for the first time.